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Porcupine Facts

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All porcupines float in water.
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Baby porcupines are called 'porcupettes'.
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Contrary to popular myth, porcupines cannot shoot their quills.
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Porcupine quills are considered a good-luck charm in Africa.
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Porcupine quills are hairs made out of keratin, the same substance found in our own hair and fingernails.
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Porcupine quills are hairs made out of keratin, the same substance found in our own hair and fingernails.
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Porcupines are nocturnal, meaning they are active primarily at night.
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Porcupines are very good swimmers and will graze on plants in shallow water.
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Porcupines Latin name means 'quill pig'.
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Porcupines rely heavily on smell as they are short-sighted.
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Porcupines weigh from 4.5 to 13 kg (10 to 28 pounds).
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The common porcupine is an herbivore.
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The porcupines hollow rattle quills serve as musical instruments and were once used as containers for gold dust.
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When a porcupine is born, its quills are soft and mostly white, but harden within hours.
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Young porcupines are capable of eating vegetation within a week after birth.
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