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Sun Facts

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A comet's tail always points away from the sun.
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A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the sun's surface!
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It takes 492 seconds for sunlight to reach the Earth!
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It takes 8 minutes 17 seconds for light to travel from the Sun's surface to the Earth.
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It takes Several hundred thousand years for newly made photons (light) to travel from the core of the sun to it's surface.
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Lightning Bolts are the same temperature as the surface of the Sun.
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Only 55% of Americans know that the sun is a star.
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Research has shown that the sun impacts our productivity at work and school. Workers in offices with constant sunlight and large windows have been shown to be both more efficient with their time and more accurate in completing their tasks.
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The center of the Sun is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (15 million ?C).
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The solar system consists of a central star, the sun and the bodies that orbit it.
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The sun is 330,330 times larger than the earth!
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The sun is about five billion years old and will continue to shine for about another five billion years.
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The sun measures about 1.4 million kilometres in diameter.
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