Random New York City Facts

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1. Bill Murray has been known to wander around New York City, randomly crashing parties and giving people fatherly advice.
2. Pinball Machines were illegal in New York City during 35 years around the same time as prohibition which led to "Pinball Speakeasies."
3. More people commit suicide in New York City than are murdered.
4. There are so many restaurants in New York City that someone could eat out every night of their life and never eat the same restaurant twice.
5. November 28, 2012 was the most peaceful day New York City ever had—not a single violent crime was reported.
6. If New York City were its own country and the NYPD was its army, it would be the twentieth-best-funded army in the world.
7. There are no Wal-Marts in New York City.
8. 25 November 2012 was the first day since 1960 that there was no murder or manslaughter in New York City.
9. The average Wall Street salary in 2012 was $360,700, the average salary in New York City was $69,200.
10. In New York City, police statistics show that approximately 1,600 people are bitten by other humans every year.
11. The average lifespan of a pointe shoe for the dancers in the New York City Ballet is 2 days, with 8,500 shoes used in a season.

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