Awesome San Francisco Facts

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1. A coffee shop in San Francisco has banned customers from "talking about annoying hipster topics."
2. Some San Francisco buses are being transformed into showers for the homeless.
3. There are more CCTV cameras in the Shetland Islands than in San Francisco.
4. San Francisco is the city with the highest percentage of millionaires
5. Girl Scout Danielle Lei set up shop outside of a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco and sold 117 boxes of cookies in two hours.
6. In San Francisco the homeless can take care of puppies and get paid for it.
7. 15 million gallons of wine were destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
8. Cat owners tend to be more open-minded, more sensitive and more likely to be non-conformists, according to a San Francisco study.
9. The most attractive single people over the age of 35 live in San Francisco, according to an online dating survey.

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