Fun Reading Facts

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1. Reading physical books will help you remember what you read, since memory is also tactile.
2. Cuddling a baby, reading out-loud, cheating in school and getting a business degree are all good for an efficient mind.
3. About 25% of people will yawn or tend to yawn after reading this tweet because yawning is viral only thinking about it can trigger it.
4. A study discovered that our brains react to real-life interaction very similarly to when we are reading about fictional interactions.
5. 25,000,000 of your cells died while you were reading this sentence.
6. 44% of women prefer reading Fifty Shades of Grey to actually having sex.
7. Roughly 25,000,000 of your cells just died while you were reading this sentence.
8. Arabic speakers reading anything with a lot of numbers in have to read in both directions at once.
9. Reading can make you more empathetic and open to new experiences.
10. Reading on a screen before bed leaves you more tired than book readers the following day, according to a study.
11. The least used category of emoji are the 'reading materials''”the book, the pile of books, the newspapers.
12. A study finds that regular informal music-making with very young children may even have benefits above and beyond those of reading.
13. A study comparing two groups of second graders from similar demographics suggests learning music boosts reading abilities.
14. By the time you finish reading this tweet, three kids have already died of hunger somewhere in the world.
15. Silent reading is actually a recent phenomenon. Only the most skilled readers of the middle ages could read silently.
16. 51% of people who read magazines in both print and on the iPad prefer reading it on the iPad
17. The female brain is much more adept at reading the subtle facial and verbal emotional expressions.
18. The physical act of writing something down is said to equate to reading it seven times. A good tip to know for studying.
19. Reading a work of fiction reduces cognitive closure, making the reader more flexible in their approach to problem-solving.
20. The average reading level in the U.S. is grade 8.
21. The best person in your life is the one who comes first in your mind after reading this sentence.
22. Reading, writing and playing games can help prevent memory loss later in life.

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