Amazing Cola Facts

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1. There is a 'Hug Me' Coca-Cola machine in Singapore which gives you a can of coke each time you hug it.
2. Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles the first year but kept going. Never give up.
3. Coca-Cola makes a cane sugar version of its soda during Passover in the US. Look for the yellow cap.
4. Mountain Dew contains 55 mg of caffeine per 12 ounce can, 50 percent more than Coca-Cola Classic.
5. Coca-Cola once contained an estimated 9 milligrams of cocaine per glass. In 1903, it was removed.
6. Samsung spends more on marketing its mobile products than Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft and Coca-Cola combined spend on ALL their products.
7. When 3 people tried to sell Coca Cola secrets to Pepsi, Pepsi informed Coke and the FBI.
8. Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles the first year but kept going. Never give up. #motivation
9. Coca Cola kills insects.
10. Kosher Coca-Cola Coke is produced in March and April to coincide with the Jewish Passover season.
11. Prior to a Coca-Cola ad campaign in the 1930′s, Santa Claus was most often depicted donned in green or purple attire.
12. There are 33 non-alcoholic brands that generate over $1 billion in revenue. Coca-Cola owns 15 of them.
13. The most valuable brand name in the world is Coca-cola
14. Football player Ronaldinho lost a $750,000 deal with Coca-Cola because he took a sip from a Pepsi.
15. Coca Cola produces so many different products that if you were to drink one each day, it would take you 9 years to try them all.
16. If you bought ONE share of Coca-Cola stock in 1920, it would be worth $6.7 million by 2010.
17. Only 2 people know the Coca-Cola recipe and they are not allowed to travel on the same plane.
18. Coca-Cola can remove blood stains from clothing.
19. 1.7 billion servings of Coca-Cola are sold every day.
20. 3.1% of all beverages consumed around the world are Coca-Cola products.
21. Coca-Cola made a fruit-flavored soda for the Nazis when there was a shortage of syrup in 1941 - And that is how Fanta was created.
22. Americans ingest 1.7 million tons -- or 10.8 pounds per person -- of sugar each year from Coca-Cola alone.

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