Awesome Bible Facts

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1. According to the Bible, God sent 2 bears to murder 42 children because they had mocked a bald man.
2. There are no mentions of salad in the Bible.
3. Only three angels are mentioned by name in the Bible: Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer
4. Unicorns were mentioned in the Bible.
5. When 14-year-old George Stinney was executed in the electric chair he was too short for the chair so he used his Bible as a booster seat.
6. NASA requested that Buzz Aldrin not talk about the Bible on the moon.
7. The Bible is both the bestselling and most shoplifted book of all time.
8. The Harry Potter series contains approximately 38% more words than the King James Bible.
9. God killed nearly 3 million people according to the Bible – Satan killed 10.
10. There are 1,260 promises given in the Bible.
11. The right hand is mentioned positively 100 times in the Bible, while the left hand is mentioned only 25 times, all negatively
12. Nowhere in the Bible does it say there were three wise men, just three gifts.
13. The King James Bible has inspired the lyrics of more pop songs than any other book.
14. In the Bible God kills over 2 million people, Satan kills only 10.
15. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was mentioned more in the Quran than in the Bible. She is also the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran.
16. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Satan rules Hell.
17. The word "triflin," which means shiftless, lazy, and useless, was first used in the Bible.
18. There are over 8,000 predictions in the Bible.

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There are no mentions of salad in the Bible.
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