33 Interesting College Facts

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1. In college? Always ask for a student discount, most stores have it and students never use it.
2. 42% of college graduates never read another book after they leave college.
3. In 2007, a group of college students drove the speed limit (55MPH) on I-285 and backed up traffic for miles.
4. Most college freshman forget 60% of what they learned the year before.
5. Rolling a pair of dice is as predictive of your future income as your college GPA is.
6. High school dropouts are twice as likely to catch colds as those with a college degree.
7. In 1978, a student working a minimum wage job could pay for 4 years of college with no debt.
8. Your entire life consists of: Education for 12 years, College for 4 years, & working until you die.
9. The cost of college in the U.S. has gone up 500% since 1985.
10. Only 1 out of 85 college students can correctly draw the Apple logo from memory.
11. Rich kids can drop out of high school and perform as well as poor college graduates when it comes to their future income, a study found.
12. A college student in 1979 only had to work 182 hours per year to pay for tuition, but the average 2013 student had to work 991 hours.
13. 90% of college students in a study reported that they had drunk-dialed or texted in the past, and 40% said they regretted it.
14. Compared to righties, more left-handed people tend to be college dropouts.
15. A recent study found that college students who cheat in class are more attracted to jobs politics than non-cheating students.
16. Cost of college degree in the U.S. has increased 1120% in only 30 years.
17. College students are the most sleep deprived group of people.

18. Neil Degrasse Tyson considered becoming a male stripper when he was low on cash in college.
19. If you go to MIT, you can get college credit by studying Reddit – The course is called "Credit for Reddit"
20. A mentally ill man shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt. The bullet cured his disorder and he become a straight-A college student.
21. 82% of college students turn to Wikipedia for academic research.
22. The cost of college textbooks has risen 812% in the past 30 years – More than healthcare, housing prices, and college tuition.
23. Carrie Underwood earned college credit for being on '˜American Idol.'
24. The most common reason people abandon their religious affiliations is because of their college education.
25. More than 34% of college students have texted while taking a shower, while 22% have texted during religious services, a survey revealed.
26. A condom ambulance service will deliver condoms to your dorm door at the College of New Jersey for a small fee.
27. A mentally ill man shot himself in the head as a suicide attempt. The bullet cured his disorder and he became a straight-A college student.
28. In the U.S. it costs an average of $245,000USD to raise a child, before college.
29. Almost half of all college students in the US drop out and never graduate.
30. The cost of college textbooks in the US has risen faster than the cost of healthcare, house prices and inflation.
31. A study found that 70% of college undergrads would lose respect for someone who 'hooks up with lots of people.'
32. If the average college student gave up alcohol for a year, they would save $900.
33. Two-thirds of college students have been in a "friends with benefits" relationship, according to a survey.

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