Cool Language Facts

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1. The 1989 article that proposed the acronym LOL also suggested using ‘H’ to mean ‘Huh?’ The word ‘huh’ is understood in all known languages.
2. Esperanto is the only language with no irregular verbs.
3. "Huh?" is a universal word and is found in roughly the same form and function in spoken languages across the globe.
4. 6% of people can speak 3 or more languages.
5. In Inuit languages, the closest word to ‘freedom’ is annakpok, which means ‘not caught’.
6. The directors of Despicable Me actually wrote a language for the gibberish the minions speak throughout the film. Each word has a meaning!
7. People who speak two languages, may unconsciously change their personality when they switch languages.
8. The more rivers an area has, the more languages will evolve there.
9. There is a nearly extinct language called Ayapa Zoque - only two people speak it fluently, they do not like each other and refuse to speak.
10. Forty percent of twins invent their own languages which are called autonomous languages.
11. Thinking in a foreign language makes decisions more rational
12. Huh? means the same thing in every language.
13. A language dies every 2 weeks.
14. "Furbish" is the official language of the Furby.
15. 'Huh?' is a universal word and is found in roughly the same form and function in spoken languages across the globe.
16. Martha Stewart has said that she has a special language she speaks when talking to animals.
17. "American" was the official language of Illinois from 1923 until 1969.
18. Humans speak more languages than there are species of mammal.
19. Babies brought up in a bilingual environment have stronger working memories than those brought up with only one language.
20. Cryptophasia is a language that some twins formulate and can only be understood by them.
21. Apes have been shown using language to communicate with primate researchers for over 40 years.
22. According to one study, just 50 out of 20,000 people could tell when someone was lying based on body language with more than 80% accuracy.
23. About 6,000 major languages are used today — by 2115, only 600 will still exist.
24. The Pentagon spends $300,000USD per year to study body language of Putin and other world leaders.
25. Physical flirts—those who express interest through body language—offer fewer compliments when they are attracted to someone, studies show.

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