31 Stunning Teeth Facts

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1. Robert De Niro spent $20,000 for a dentist to mess up his teeth for his role in the movie, Cape Fear.
2. If you brush your teeth (and other small tasks) with the wrong hand you force the brain to work differently. Your self control will improve.
3. Drinking beer helps strengthen your bones and teeth because it gives you a healthy dose of silicon
4. Male llamas have a separate set of 'fighting teeth' - They are used to attack and bite the testicles off of other males.
5. Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.
6. Women pay much closer attention than men do to the breath and teeth of their partner.
7. Top athletes are often dogged by decaying teeth and gum disease from sports drinks and high-carb diets.
8. Grillz Caps or fitting worn over ones teeth, either on top, bottom, or both. To be mostly made out of gold, silver, diamond, or platinum.
9. Soda has the same effect on your teeth as cocaine and meth.
10. A dog most likely interprets a smiling person as baring their teeth, which is a sign of aggression.
11. Beavers' teeth never stop growing, they wear down from chewing wood
12. Drinking beer actually gives you a healthy dose of silicon, which helps strengthen your bones and teeth.
13. Your jaw is powerful enough to break all of your teeth.
14. Drinking beer actually helps strengthen your bones and teeth because it gives you a healthy dose of silicon.
15. Wisdom teeth have been found to produce stem cells which could be used to treat diseases.
16. The more children a woman has, the more likely she is to have missing teeth.
17. Piranhas are known for their sharp, pointed teeth and sharklike feeding frenzies, but the threat to humans is largely exaggerated
18. Your teeth are home to around 10,000 million bacteria per square cm.
19. 95% of teenagers check their cellphone before even brushing their teeth in the morning!
20. Owls swallow their prey whole b/c they have no teeth. After 12hrs they cough up feathers, bones, and fur in the shape of a football pellet.
21. The average smoker loses 2 teeth every 10 years.
22. A narwhal's tusk is actually 1 of its 2 teeth. The male's left incisor protrudes through its lip reaching lengths of up to 9 feet!
23. The slow loris is the world's only poisonous primate! Illegal pet traders pull out their teeth before they sell them.
24. A crocodile always grows new teeth to replace the old teeth.
25. A snail has about 2,500 teeth.
26. Our ancestors had bigger jaws so they needed wisdom teeth, as we evolve, humans are starting to lose them.
27. Long ago, wisdom teeth served a purpose. As human brains grew our jawbone structure changed, leaving us with very overcrowded mouths.
28. You find things funnier if you hold a pen in your teeth—this action forces you to smile, which tricks you into thinking something is funny.
29. Yellow teeth are stronger, the natural color of our teeth is a light yellow color. Whitening your teeth can permanently weaken them.
30. A rodent's teeth never stop growing.
31. The most common dreams for people to have is that of them falling or their teeth falling out.

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