Interesting Harry Potter Facts

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1. Emma Watson has spent 45% of her life shooting the Harry Potter series.
2. do you like harry potter because you can slytherin my bed
3. "Harry Potter" is mentioned 18,956 times throughout all the Harry Potter books.
4. Harry Potter is 32 years old
5. A year before it came out, J.K. Rowling revealed the plot of the fourth Harry Potter book to a girl who would die before it was published.
6. Steven Spielberg declined to direct the Harry Potter movies, saying "There's no challenge.'
7. The ‘soul-sucking’ wasp, Ampulex dementor, is named after the Dementors in Harry Potter because of the way it paralyses cockroaches.
8. How long will my Harry Potter references go unnoticed? Always.
9. Fans of Harry Potter tend to be more politically tolerant, politically active, open to diversity, and less authoritarian.
10. why go out tonight when you can stay home and watch Harry Potter
11. Immediately after the release of new Harry Potter books, there were half as many children in the ER of most hospitals.
12. Every Harry Potter movie is on the list of top 50 highest grossing films of all time.
13. The most common sentence in the Harry Potter books is ‘Nothing happened.’ The most common starting price of Grand National winners is 25/1.
14. J.K. Rowling wrote the final chapter of the 7th Harry Potter book 9 years before the 1st book was even released.
15. J.K. Rowling seriously considered killing off Ron and putting Hermione and Fred together in the Harry Potter series.

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Johnny Depp plans on having his cremated remains poured into a cask of whiskey and requests every attendee at his funeral take a sip of it.
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The Marvel publisher overseeing Stan Lee in the 60s thought Spider-Man would be a flop.
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Before being an actor, Bruce Willis worked as a private investigator.

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