Stunning Mars Facts

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1. If you stood on the equator of Mars, the temperature would be 70 F at your feet, but 32 F at the top of your head.
2. The Sun appears about half the size on Mars as it does from Earth.
3. There have been two known fatalities of people suffocating on marshmallows while playing Chubby Bunny.
4. Mars is the only planet whose surface can be seen in detail from the earth.
5. There is clear geological evidence that there has been water on Mars.
6. You can measure the speed of light with marshmallows and a microwave.
7. Mars is the closest planet to the earth.
8. If you weigh 100 pounds or kg on Earth, you would weigh 38 pounds or kg on Mars.
9. Like Earth, the poles of Mars are covered in ice.
10. During a Mars winter, almost 20% of the air freezes.
11. Saddam Hussein’s regime destroyed 90% of Iraq’s marshes.
12. Bruno Mars writes his own music...and he wrote "F--- You" for Cee Lo.

13. There are a number of volcanoes on Mars but none seem to be geologically active.
14. Mars has the tallest Volcano in the Solar System named Olympus Mons and it is 15 miles high which is three times the height of Mount Everest.
15. NASA is developing a new engine that can shorten a Mars mission to days, set to be tested in 2014.
16. The temperature on Mars can drop to as low as -133 degrees Celsius, or -207 degrees Fahrenheit.
17. Mars is red because it is rusty. There is a lot of iron in the soil, and the air on Mars has made it turn red-just like rusty iron on Earth.
18. Canyons were discovered on Mars that are assumed to have been created by floods of water.
19. Mars is named after the roman god of war.
20. Anyone 18 or older may apply for a trip to Mars, the fee for the application is $38USD.
21. The 'Red Planet' isn't really red at all, NASA photographs indicate that it is more of a tan or butterscotch color.
22. The soil on Mars is particularly good for growing asparagus.
23. There are blueberries on Mars.
24. Mount Olympus on Mars is the highest mountain in the solar system. It is 14 miles high and 388 miles wide

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