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1. According to a study, white men prefer the faces of Asian women, while white women prefer black male faces.
2. Asian hair grows 30% faster than Caucasian hair, while people from Africa tend to have hair that grows slower.
3. Caucasian babies are born with less melanin than Hispanic, Asian, or African babies, which is why their eyes might change color as they age.
4. The majority of Caucasian newborns have blue eyes, but by adulthood, only one in five.
5. Australia moves toward Asia at a rate of 3 inches per year.
6. According to a study, white men prefer the faces of Asian women, while white women prefer black male faces. via- Simple Psychological Facts
7. Asian-American households, on average, earn more than general U.S.households.
8. 90% of all the rice in the world is consumed in Asia.
9. Jackie Chan is actually a pop star in Asia, having released 20 studio albums - He often sings the theme songs of his own movies.
10. As late as the 1950s, human zoos — places where Asians, Africans, and Native Americans were displayed — were popular in the Western world.

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The Greek for ‘left-handed’ also means ‘better’.
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In 1941, there were only 11 democracies in the world.
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If they were countries, the Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Shandong, Henan, Sichuan and Jiangsu would be among the world’s 20 most populous.
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Lake Baikal in Russia is a thousand times older than any other lake on Earth.
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An Egyptian cure for insanity was to eat snake meatballs under a full moon.
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The name sign of the town of Lost in Aberdeenshire is the only one in Britain that is welded to its pole.
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The sign for the female sex (C) represents the hand mirror of the Roman goddess Venus.
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Anne Boleyn was the only British monarch beheaded with a sword.
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The English word ‘squirrel’ is particularly difficult for Germans to pronounce.
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In the French Revolution, prisoners were taken to the guillotine on wagons used to transport manure.
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The world’s largest iceberg set off from Antarctica in 2000. It was larger than Jamaica and parts of it still haven’t melted.
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The Spanish for ‘when pigs fly’ is ‘when hens piss’.

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