Fun German Facts

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1. WWI allied soldiers would fire thousands of rounds at random over the German trenches to boil the water in their machine guns to make tea.
2. German mothers-to-be have ‘roast dinners’ not ‘buns’ in their ‘ovens’.
3. In order to destroy German tanks, Soviets used suicide bombing dogs that were trained specifically during WW2.
4. German was once the second most widely spoken language in the U.S.
5. Most German men sit while they pee and are taught that standing to pee is unhygienic.
6. BMW had to recall their GPS system because male German drivers were refusing to take directions from a female voice.
7. Einstein’s last words were spoken in German to a nurse who didn’t speak German and are lost for ever.
8. In German, things don’t ‘sell like hot cakes’, they ‘go like warm rolls’.
9. The word "nightmare" derives from "mare" a goblin from Germanic folklore which rides people chest while they sleep.
10. Police dogs are trained to react to commands in a foreign language; commonly German but more recently Hungarian.
11. The word 'bagel' is derived from the German word 'bougel,' meaning 'bracelet,' coming from the Yiddish 'beygl.'
12. What was first printed by the Gutenberg press? It's thought that the first printed item from the press was a German poem.
13. Fearing a German invasion, in 1940 Alan Turing converted his assets into silver ingots and buried them in Buckinghamshire. He spent the rest of his life failing to find them.
14. 'Schlimmbesserung' is a German word to describe an effort to make things better that actually ends up making things worse.
15. Most German men sit while they pee and are taught that standing to pee is unhygenic.
16. Germans are the most forgiving when it comes to infidelity with 35% of singles saying they could forgive their cheating partner.
17. "Fremdscham" is the German word for vicarious embarrassment — being embarrassed for someone else.
18. Gurkentruppe is German for ‘losers’: literally, an ‘army of cucumbers’.
19. Gift is German for ‘poison’.
20. Arvind V. Mahankali won the Scripps Spelling Bee last night by spelling 'knaidel,' a Yiddish term of German origin meaning 'dumpling.'
21. The German word for "nipple" is "brustwarze" which literally means "breast wart."
22. "Backpfeifengesicht" is a German word for a face that badly needs a punch.
23. Germans have a word for tramp stamps 'Arschgeweih' '” Which literally means, 'ass antlers.'
24. A German U-boat sank due to a toilet malfunction.
25. The German phrase Eierlegende Wollmilchsau, literally, ‘egg-laying wool-milk-sow’, describes a woman who can do anything.

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