100 Trending Facts

1. Dogs suppress their innate intelligence for the sake of their human masters.
2. The first person to legally own a slave in Colonial America was black.
3. You cannot catch the flu from a flu shot.
4. Apple Inc.

5. Nearly eight in 10 young adults now favor gay marriage.
6. A queen bee uses her stinger only to sting another queen bee.
7. Dr. Seuss actually cheated on his wife while she was sick with cancer for 13 years - When she killed herself, he married the mistress.
8. One in three snake bite victims is drunk. One in five is tatooed.
9. The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable"!
10. Generous people live longer than those who are not as generous.
11. Baby puffins are called pufflings.
12. Rats can't vomit, that's why rat poison works.
13. It was once against the law to have a pet dog in a city in Iceland!
14. If you want to see how many calories it takes per day for you to exist, take your weight in pounds and multiply it by 11.
15. The slanted line that divides dates, fractions, choices, etc. (6/1/04) is called a virgule.
16. The odds of being killed by falling out of bed are one in two million.
17. Nike Air Soles do not actually have 'air' in them.
18. The Saguaro Cactus, found in South-western United States does NOT grow branches until it is 75 years old.
19. Less than 3% of the water produced at a large municipal water treatment plant is used for drinking purposes!
20. If you took a standard slinky and stretched it out it would measure 87 feet.
21. Sales of Rolaids, Alka-Seltzer, and Tums jump 20% in December "
22. The state that grows the most cranberries is Wisconsin. More than 300 million pounds of cranberries are grown in Wisconsin.
23. The weight of air in a milk glass is about the same as the weight of one aspirin tablet.
24. Jennifer Aniston's original name is Jennifer Anastassakis!
25. Male hospital patients fall out of bed twice as often as female hospital patients.
26. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
27. Moist air holds heat better than dry air.
28. The typical spec of dust that you see floating in the air is half way in size between the Earth and a subatomic particle.
29. The most pushups ever performed in one day was 46,001.
30. Enrico Caruso and Roy Orbison were the only tenors this century capable of hitting e over high c!
31. Bamboo plants can grow up to 36 inches in a day.
32. The word "school" comes from the ancient Greek word for "free time."

33. Female squid can wear fake testicles to avoid advancements from male squids.
34. Elephants can tell different human languages apart.
35. Due to their extreme atmospheric conditions, it rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.
36. It takes six months to build a Rolls Royce...and 13 hours to build a Toyota.

37. An elephant can drink up to 50 gallons of water in one day
38. Boys who work out between 15-18 tend to be more intelligent later in life than those who do not.
39. Remember that people will always question the good things they hear about you, and believe the bad ones without a second thought.
40. One study estimates that a bottle of beer consumed every day reduces the risk of kidney stones by 40%.
41. 20% of tuxedo rentals take place in May.
42. Hospitals that resemble living rooms have been shown to improve health.
43. Trueman Capote the man who wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's had the middle name of Stucklefuss!
44. In most advertisements, the time displayed on a watch or clock is usually 10:10.

45. Keith Moon blew up $500,000 worth of toilets with cherry bombs and dynamite. He was banned from all Hiltons worldwide.
46. Alan Shepard took a peanut to the Moon. When he brought it back, Steve McQueen tried to eat it.
47. The 15-minute chimes on Big Ben have lyrics: "All through this hour / Lord be my guide / And by Thy power / No foot shall slide."
48. Men laugh longer, louder, and more often than women.
49. Austria was the first country to use postcards.
50. Q-Tip Cotton Swabs were originally called Baby Gays.
51. idc if u dont like me, i dont need to be liked, lol
52. Mozambique has an AK-47 assault rifle on its flag.

53. In China, it is acceptable to walk into an IKEA store to relax and take a nap.
54. Text messaging is now 20 years old.
55. The G in 'g-string' stand for groin.
56. Toothpicks are the objects most often choked on by Americans.

57. Canola oil is actually rapeseed oil but the name was changed for marketing reasons!
58. Jim Cummings, The voice actor for Winnie the pooh, calls sick kids in hospitals and talks to them in character.
59. 35% of Saudi women in prison are there because no male relative will collect them.
60. Sushi relieves stress.
61. Due to gravitational effects, you weigh slightly less when the moon is directly overhead.
62. If you got me, i got you.
63. Domestic cats purr at about 26 cycles per second, which is around the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.
64. Actor Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple!
65. JesusWeen is the Christian answer to Halloween, where people give out Bibles and tracts instead of candy.
66. There are still two places in the US which have their mail delivered by mules.
67. Abraham Lincoln hated being called "Abe."
68. Actor John Wayne made more than 200 movies.

69. In Cleveland, Ohio it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.
70. There aren't any countries in the world that begin with the letter 'x'.
71. The average cost of raising a medium-sized dog to the age of eleven is $16,400.
72. Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.
73. Goats are turned on by lesbian porn.
74. It would take a snail nearly 4,575 years to circle Earth.
75. An estimated 50-80% of all life on Earth is found in the ocean.
76. Bon Jovi owns a restaurant in which menu items have no prices. You only pay whatever you like or volunteer in exchange for their meal.
77. Americans spend more than 5.4 billion dollars on their pets each year.
78. Over two thirds of Christians support the torture of terrorist suspects, compared with just 41% of nonbelievers.
79. Catoptrophobia is the fear of mirrors.
80. Every year, 1,000 letters arrive in Jerusalem addressed to God.

81. If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars make people drive drunk, and spoons make people fat.
82. Dog owners spend more on a date and are more willing to have a one-night stand than cat owners, who are more aloof in relationships.
83. Dogs have faithfully lived with humans for over 14,000 years.
84. It is illegal for a teacher to keep the class after the bell as punishment

85. The cartoon "Ed, Edd n Eddy" was actually created on a dare.
86. In 2010, the US Air Force built a supercomputer out of 1700 Playstation 3s.
87. A psychic once sued Nintendo, claiming that the Pokémon Kadabra was based on him.
88. If humans were able to hear frequencies lower than 20 Hz, we would hear our muscles moving.

89. Two boys, aged 9, sued Nintendo since they claimed that Pokemon made them gambling addicts.
90. The Nintendo DS is the second best selling video game console of all time.
91. Each nostril of a human being register smell in a different way. Smells that are made from the right nostril are more pleasant than the left.
92. Some scientists believe that all animals are autistic, and they simply need to be cured of their autism to talk like humans.
93. The problem is not the problem - The problem is your attitude about the problem.
94. According to a study, waitresses who wear red lipstick get bigger tips.
95. Dogs can hear sounds that you cant!
96. Early writers were thought to be possessed by the Devil if they were left-handed.

97. Mosquitos can mate in about 15 seconds.
98. A typical microwave oven uses more electricity keeping its digital clock on standby than it does heating food.
99. Hot Dogs are so named because they were originally rumored to contain dog meat.
100. There are 14 billion insects for every human on Earth.

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783 Random Facts
Yoghurt, got its name from the Turkish word 'yogurur', which means 'long life'.
305 Fun Facts
At Stalin’s funeral 500 people were trampled to death.
489 Crazy Facts
The biggest dam built by beavers is twice as long as the Hoover Dam.
100 Weird Facts
A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.
82 Did You Know Facts
Marie Curie, the Nobel prize winning scientist who discovered radium, died of radiation poisoning.
131 Funny Facts
Early Romans used to use porcupine quills as toothpicks.
365 Trivia Facts
'Second Street' is the most common street name in the U.S.; 'First Street' is the sixth.
97 Useless Facts
20% of tuxedo rentals take place in May.
713 Interesting Facts
During the 1741 General Election, angry voters pelted candidates with dead cats and dogs.
658 Fascinating Facts
Qatar is the only country that begins with a Q and Iraq is the only country that ends with one.
49 Gross Facts
Babies who wear disposable diapers are five times more likely to develop diaper rash than those that wear cotton diapers.
Chuck Norris Facts
Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.
47 Amazing Facts
The banana tree cannot reproduce itself. It can be propagated only by the hand of man.
75 Animal Facts
6% of drivers deliberately swerve to kill animals.
65 Smell Facts
New-car smell is toxic to humans.
Rainforest Facts
Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill.
Smallest Facts
The world’s smallest advert was stencilled onto a bee’s knee.
Zebra Facts
Baby zebras can begin running just one hour after they are born.
Stupid Facts
The word "nice" originally meant "foolish and stupid."
Zombie Facts
A quarter of philosophers believe in zombies.
Sky Facts
Ball lightning is a "ball of fire" that lasts for a few seconds in the sky and is very rare.
Sloth Facts
12% of a sloth’s energy is used to climb up and down trees to go to the lavatory.
31 Teeth Facts
A crocodile always grows new teeth to replace the old teeth.
Left Handed Facts
Left-handed people are better at sports that require good spatial judgment and fast reaction, compared to right-handed individuals.
Butterfly Facts
There are 2,500 species of moth in the UK but only 60 species of butterfly.
Ant Facts
There are about 294,000,000,000,000 leaves in the world; for every leaf there are 340 ants.
Thomas Alva Edison Facts
Thomas Alva Edison patented almost 1,300 inventions in his lifetime!
Spongebob Facts
The voice actor of SpongeBob is married to the voice actor of Plankton's computer wife (Karen) in real life.
Mexico City Facts
Mexico City is built on top of an underground resevoir!
51 Sun Facts
Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th.
Solar Facts
If you laid all the molecules in a teaspoon of water end to end, it would stretch 10 times the width of the solar system.
Technology Facts
The technology behind smartphones relies on up to 250,000 separate patents.
Milky Way Facts
All of the stars comprising the Milky Way galaxy revolve around the centre of the galaxy once every 200 million years or so.
43 Sports Facts
Racehorses can wear out new horse shoes in one race.
27 Usa Facts
Digestive biscuits have no particular digestive qualities. In the USA it is illegal to sell them under that name.
34 Spider Facts
UK house spiders include the Pink Prowler, the Spitting Spider and the Missing Sector Orb Weaver.
Television Facts
Britons spend eight times as long watching television as they do cooking meals.
Vegetarian Facts
All geese eat a vegetarian diet, feeding on grasses, seeds and grains.
New York Facts
If you ate in a different New York eatery every day for 12 years, you still wouldn’t have visited all of the city’s restaurants.
Stomach Facts
Human beings have as many brain cells in their stomachs as cats have in their brains.
Las Vegas Facts
The city of Las Vegas has the most hotel rooms in the world.
Sport Facts
'face-off' in hockey was originally called a 'puck-off'.
Tongue Facts
A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue.
28 Smart Facts
Sarcasm has been proven to make you smarter and more creative.
Bald Eagle Facts
Eagles mate while airborne.
Vegas Facts
To sleep for one night in every bed in Las Vegas would take 288 years.
Soccer Facts
On average, soccer players run as far as 9.5 miles in a single match.
Toad Facts
One-third of toads crossing roads are fatally run over.
77 United States of America Facts
The United States has never lost a war when donkeys were used.
Famous People Facts
Thomas Alva Edison patented almost 1,300 inventions in his lifetime.

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Napoleon Facts
Napoleon constructed his battle plans in a sandbox.
32 Korea Facts
Virtually all Koreans lack the gene that produces smelly armpits.
Pope Facts
Pope Gregory I declared rabbit foetuses were marine animals and could be eaten during Lent.
Bible Facts
There are no mentions of salad in the Bible.
37 Color Facts
Owls are the only birds who can see the color blue.
Uganda Facts
Miniskirts are illegal in Uganda.
Manhattan Facts
There are 1.6 million people in Manhattan and 1.2 billion ants.
Flamingo Facts
There are more plastic flamingos in the US than real flamingos.
Elvis Presley Facts
Elvis Presley got a 'C' in his eighth grade music class.
Cheerleading Facts
Cheerleading started as an all-male activity.
United Kingdom Facts
The United kingdom eats more cans of baked beans than the rest of the world combined.
Kanye West Facts
Kanye West rapped his entire new album to Seth Rogen in the back of a limo, just to get his opinion.
Angelina Jolie Facts
Angelina Jolie initially wanted to be a funeral director.
Spanish Facts
The Spanish for ‘when pigs fly’ is ‘when hens piss’.
Tyrannosaurus Facts
The world’s largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is called Sue.
Mountain Facts
There are more species of plant on Cape Town’s Table Mountain than in the whole of the UK.
Famous People Facts
Thomas Alva Edison patented almost 1,300 inventions in his lifetime.
Singapore Facts
In Singapore, it’s illegal to use a public lavatory and not flush it.
31 Mind Facts
The first coin minted in the US bore the slogan ‘Mind Your Business’.